52 Week Blogging Project

The last quarter of 2013 saw me write more online and I got a taste for it. I have decided to increase the amount I write in 2014 and hopefully add writing to my income stream as a freelancer.

I have been following the photographer Rick Nunn on Twitter for a while now and have always been impressed with his photography projects that gives him a target and produces great results.

I saw him tweet this the other day and it inspired me to translate that to my blogging goals. I had also been following closely the awesome Blogging for Benjamin project within the WooThemes team, that saw a month of daily posts from the likes of Coen Jacobs, Mike Jolley and Patrick Rauland. This project yielded some great posts and was inspirational to follow.

So to give myself that little push to keep writing all year I am setting myself the target of a post a week for the next year. It is certainly not a hard target and I hope to write more than one a week, but it gives me some structure that should help stabilise my motivation.

Project Proposal

Posts will be on various topics from WordPress, software development, fitness, and freelancing and will be posted here, polevaultweb, Dev7studios, FitPlan.it, and any blogs as guest posts. Like Blogging for Benjamin posts will need to be more than 300 words and can be scheduled for the future but not back dated.

To ease into the project this will count as my first post – week 1 and I will be updating this post with each article as it happens. If you do read the posts or follow this project I hope you enjoy it and I hope I can complete the project and come out of the year a better and more motivated writer.

Weekly Posts

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  1. That’s awesome dude, thanks very much for the mention. I love taking on personal projects for these exact reasons. A little structure & discipline goes such a long way.

    Good luck with the writing this year. I am sure you’ll kick it’s ass.

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